The danish brand Pilgrim was founded in 1983 when Anne Mette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen began creating and designing handmade jewelry.

At first they sold their exclusive jewelry at rock festivals in which they expressed their love for music and the people. Today, Pilgrim is a major international brand, with six collections per year they deliver handmade jewelry and watches to more than 50 countries around the world. Spontaneity, intimacy and authenticity are values that Pilgrim stands for today and to the highest degree live up to. The brand has managed to balance a bohemian and natural expression with a modern, stylish and feminine design that constantly is in fashion. Pilgrim’s vision is to create handmade jewelry and accessories that encourage a woman’s beauty and highlight her personality and originality. Scandinavian Eyewear’s design team created in 2009 for the first time a unique eyewear collection specifically for Pilgrim. Since then, Scandinavian Eyewear has been a proud supplier and partner to the Pilgrims eyewear collections. The brand is known and appreciated for having embellished and detailed eyeglass frames, creating the well-known Pilgrim look.

There are three different design lines, characteristic for Pilgrim jewelry and their eyewear collections:

Delicate: This soft and feminine line is for women who have a desire for diamonds, pearls, crystals and vintage.
Bohemian: This design line is bohemian and you can really feel the product’s heart and soul. The eyewear frames are expressive and have a special story to tell.
Attitude: A little tougher design. The products are part of the wearer’s identity and they are often urban, sophisticated and available in black, mixed metals, patterned with leather details