Lexington Eyewear

Lexington is a Swedish lifestyle brand which designs, develops and sells products inspired by the American east coast.

Together with her husband and some friends Kristina Lindhe started the brand Lexington in 1997. With Kristina Lindhe’s previous experience in the sector, her well-known reputation and a strong belief in the brand, it was already a success from the start. The brand stands for a classic and relaxed everyday luxury that has become more of a lifestyle than a brand, the famous Lexington stile is called New England.

Their products are characterized by high quality in both materials and craftsmanship. It also means that their eyewear collection is made of the best materials, design as well as the performance and the packages, are well thought through. The Lexington design aesthetics are easy to recognize and the frames unisex concept fits both men and women. All products from Lexington breathe tradition and contain a sense of natural simplicity combined with a casual elegance.